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Dared MP-5BT HI-FI Audiophiles Integrated Amplifier & Preamplifier

Based in Hong Kong, Dared has been a popular manufacturer of high-quality valve tube amps for over 20 years. They are known to offer a range of quality hi-fi tubes at various price points to accommodate the budget of every consumer.

The popular Dared MP-5BT HI-FI amps combines old-school engineering with modern features. This amp has an analog USB to connect directly to your computer and Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your phone or other devices. The straight-forward control panel features an on-off switch, volume button, standard headphone jack, and an input switch. This allows you to swap between USB, Bluetooth and analogue options The rear of the unit houses the analogue input and a pre-amp output, both on RCA jacks, the Bluetooth antenna, USB input and speaker terminals.

The glass vacuum tubes on the Dared MP-5BT amps are flanked with two wood-sided plates covered with a lacquered black piano finish, adding a touch of luxury. The rose gold base and exposed tubes offer a look of classic simplicity, which looks great in any home or office.

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