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DarkVoice 336SE amps pack plenty of high-quality sound in to a compact package. These amps comes standard with 6N8P and 6N5P tubes, and gives you everything you need to enjoy the sweet highs and bass-laden lows you crave. Once you plug in to this amp, you’re never going to want to listen to music any other way.

This small and mighty unit features superior stock tubes, and there is no tube rolling or swapping out needed whatsoever with these amps. The DarkVoice 336SE has a way of bringing the upper mids forward while adding a bit of color to the tone, giving more life to you music. Just plug it in and pair it with your favorite 6.3mm compatible headphones.

One feature we absolutely love is the complete and utter silence you hear in between songs on when your music is on pause. Some tube amplifiers for headphones are known to have a slight hissing or buzzing. Yet another great tube amp priced well below 1000, to round out our top 5 list.

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