Fender Rumble 200 v3

Fender Rumble 200 v3 Review

This is simply a great bass combo amp, and represents amazing value.

The bassists we spoke to for this review insisted that we include this amp, as it has become famous not only for its great sound but also for its build quality.

Of course, like all Fender amps, this one feels incredibly strong and sturdy, and we are sure that it will provide many years of reliable service, even if you are throwing it into your truck twice a week to go to band practice! We have seen Fender Rumbles backstage all over the world, and for many bass players this series of amps has become a trusted friend.

And, again like every Fender amp, what you are paying for here is that gorgeous signature sound. We don’t pretend to understand how Fender manage to replicate their unique clear,  warm sound, even in an affordable bass combo amp like this one – all we know is that we like what we hear!

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In addition, this amp has these great features:

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