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Laney Audiohub Combo AH300

The Laney Audio Hub AH300 is a multi-faceted amp, it features 5 channels, 5-band graphic master EQ and Digital Delay designed to deliver consistency in performance and sound quality for a wide range of applications and instruments. At 300 watts, it’s great for duos and moderately sized venues, The carpeted AH300 can be tilted back to function as a sound monitor.

The Audiohub is designed to have a flat balanced sound, amplifying the true tone of your keyboard without altering it. With a variety of input options including XLR, Jack and RCA, the Audio Hub AH300 can handle 2 independent channels, with the option to shape the tone with a 3-band EQ control. Keyboards, electric drums, vocals, even audio/MP3, there’s nothing this amp can’t handle.

The Laney AH300 features onboard digital delay with feedback, time and level controls, and an FX loop to add character and depth to your sound. The AH300 is a powerful and versatile unit, with the ability to cater to a wide variety of instruments as well as musicians,


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