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Leslie LS2215 Keyboard Combo Amplifier

This amp has been built by the people behind the iconic rotating Leslie speaker that gave the Hammond B3 organ its signature sound. The sound is warm, but still manages to be crystal-clear. It generates 200W of power, more than enough for large venues or for drowning out your drummer.

In fact, the sound produced by this keyboard amp is so good that the people we talked to for this review reported that they would recommend getting it even if they didn’t use a keyboard! The sound is big and clean, and so is just as good when amplifying vocals, brass, and strings as it is when used with a keyboard.

  • The amp has three dedicated inputs for keyboards, other instruments, and mics, and each of these inputs has its own EQ section. In practice, this means that this might be the only amp you will ever need, and you can really tweak the sound of each input to achieve exactly the sound you want.
  • If it’s important to you, this amp looks really great. Of course, we would expect this from an amp that comes from such an iconic range, but the styling has been nicely updated, retaining a vintage feel whilst also looking modern. You will be the envy of the rest of you band with this amp.
  • This amp is a little heavy, and some people said that it could be a hassle to load it in and out of their cars. However, this is the price you pay for such good build quality – the whole package is incredibly rugged, and will put up with years of gigging with no complaints.
  • Very few. If you play electronica, the warm sound of this amp might not be the perfect fit for the stranger sounds you make. However, if you play jazz or rock, the sound produced by this amp is precisely what you need.

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