Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amp (50W)

Undeniable giants in the industry, as a company Marshall has managed to pack several decades of their classic signature sounds into a travel-friendly combo amp. The Marshall Code 50 Combo 50 watt amplifier has over 100 presets for instant inspiration at home or on the road.  Use the Equalization controls to experiment with the delay/reverb and modulation to tap into your desired tones. This combo amp is able to accommodate 5 effects simultaneously to create exactly what your craving.

It’s 50 watt fully-voiced 12 inch speaker, feel free to mix and match the digitally modeled preamps, power amps, and speaker cab emulations to customize convincing tones for the stage and studio. The inventive folks at Marshall found a way to allow you to customize any tone setting in the Code 50 Combo without getting out of bed. it can be programmed via USB using the included Marshall Gateway software, or over Bluetooth with a mobile app. This isn’t just a great stage amp, the Marshall Code 50 Combo can double as a practice amp and recording tool at home.

An auxiliary input lets you plug in your phone, footswitch or MP3 player and jam along, which really comes in handy for learning new songs and practicing solos. The headphone out doubles as both an option for silent practice and as a natural-sounding output to run straight into your recording platform.

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