Orange Amp Review (2022 Updated)

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Orange make great amps. Whether you are looking for a great bass amp, guitar amp, or practice amp, they’ve got you covered.

For this review, we’ve talked to some super-fans of orange amps, in order to bring you the best Orange amp in each category. All of these amps are great, and perform really well in different different situations, but if you are looking for the best all-around Orange amp for your electric guitar, we would recommend the Orange Crush CR60Cthis amp strikes a nice balance between power, portability, and gorgeous sound quality, and makes an excellent addition to any guitarist’s setup.


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Comparison Chart

Orange Crush CR60C14 x 26 x 20 in45.2 pounds60 W
Orange Crush 12 W9 x 13 x 14 in12 pounds12 W
Orange Crush Pix CR100BXT25 x 24 x 18 in65.7 pounds100 W

Orange Amps

Orange are legends amongst guitar amp manufacturers. They are used by a huge number of professional musicians, and it is not hard to see why. The gorgeous tones of their amplifiers simply sound amazing, whether you are playing jazz or hard rock.

All of Orange’s amplifiers also work really well with accessories, which is one of the reasons why they are used in such a wide variety of styles. If you are the kind of player

who loves to use a wide range of pedals, all of these amps faithfully reproduce any effect that is fed to them.

All of the amps we are reviewing today are solid state amps, because we think that in the majority of cases, solid state amplification offers greater practicality that valve amps. If you are after the extra warmth, and the extra cost, of a valve amp, check out our review.


What kind of Orange amp you need, and the features you want it to have, depend on how you’re going to use it. A pedal for playing lead guitar in a rock band is quite a different beast from one for bass players.

Some of the things to look for in any pedal amp stay the same, though:

  • A lot of people talk a lot about power, as though it is a measure of how good an amp is. In our opinion, 50 watts for a guitar amplifier is more than enough for most purposes.
  • Everybody plays in a different style, and everyone needs different effects. All the amps we are reviewing today offer a great range of different tones, but if you are after a very specific sound, nothing beats going down to your local guitar store an hearing these amps for yourself.
  • Build quality. Orange amps, luckily, are built for gigging musicians, so you can be sure that investing in one of these amps gets you a piece of kit that will provide years of service.
  • Inputs and outputs. It might sound obvious, but make sure the amp you are looking at has the correct type of inputs, and enough of them, to accommodate all the other equipment you want to plug in.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for hearing these Orange amps yourself. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to how they want their amp to sound. But you could do worse than checking out these ones:

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Best for Guitar: Orange Crush CR60C

Orange Crush CR60C Review

If you are looking for the best Orange Amp for your electric guitar, look no further. The Orange Crush CR60C is perhaps the best amp that Orange have ever built, and one of the best amps for electric guitar around at the moment, period.

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What makes this amp so great is the combination of power and tone. Too often, manufacturers prioritize either of these features, delivering massive amps that distort all over the place, or under-powered amps that are not suitable for anything outside the practice room.

This amp, with 60 watts, is more than loud enough for small gigs, and also small enough to carry to practice and back. If you are looking for a guitar amplifier that is flexible enough for almost all normal purposes, this is the one.

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Of course, this amp also comes with several more advantages:

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  • The two-channel setup of this amp, whilst not offering the range of some comparable amps, is more than enough for most players. If you are need unusual tones, you are likely to already have a bank of pedals, so plug them in and let the amp do what it is good at.
  • The speaker on this amp is great. Too often the speaker used in amps is ignored, but it is clear from the sound of this amp that Orange have though about every aspect of its design.
  • The power available on this amp is, in truth, more than the majority of us will ever need. Even when pushed to the limit, this amp still sounds great.

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  • Very few. If you are looking for an Orange amp for your electric guitar, both for gigs and practice, get this one and you will never need another.


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Best for Practice: Orange Crush 12 W

Orange Crush 12 W Review

A great practice amp. Offering 12 watts of power, this small device delivers more than enough volume for the rehearsal room, and can even be used to play intimate venues.

For a practice amp, this amp offers a great selection of tone controls. Normally, on small amps like this, your options are limited. Not here – with a three-channel EQ, gain and overdrive dials, you can replicate the sound of your gigging amp quickly and easily.

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In addition, this Orange amp offers a range of features:

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  • Importantly for a practice amp, this one has a headphone output. Especially if you practice at home, your neighbors will appreciate this.
  • The amp is also small enough to carry around, and rugged enough that it will put up with years of rehearsals and gigs. The people we spoke to for this review reported that amps like this go on and on, and we are sure that this one will offer years of reliable service.
  • Like all Orange amps, it looks great. That signature orange casing and woven front panel will make you the envy of the practice room.

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  • Very few, in truth. The only bad thing we can say about this amp is that, with 12 watts of power, you are going to have to turn it down during practice, to avoid drowning out your bassist.


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Best for Bass Guitar: Orange Crush Pix CR100BXT

Orange Crush Pix CR100BXT Review

Lastly, an Orange amp for bassists. Let’s start with that signature orange fascia. It still looks great, even after all these years, whether in the corner of your bedroom or in the practice room. Where it really stands out, though, is on stage, where the bright orange box draws attention to you as the bass player, often sadly overlooked!

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This amp certainly packs a punch. It sounds considerably louder than the 100 watts of power it offers, so you don’t have to worry about being heard! In fact, the bassists we spoke to for this review said this amp was powerful enough for small gigs on its own, so get this amp and you will not have to shell out for separate practice and gig amps!

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In addition, of course, the Orange Crush Pix comes with a variety of other advantages:


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  • The power offered by this amp is more than sufficient for any purpose. This 100 watt model is incredibly loud, and the amp, on its own, is more than capable of playing even quite large rooms, and links well with PA systems.
  • The EQ options on this amp really help it to stand out from the crowd. Each channel has a dedicated five level EQ, which is simple and easy to adjust. This is perfect for beginners as well as pros. For those just funding their sound, having a wide range available makes it easy to create something unique. If you are an experienced player, you will be able to replicate the sound of your old favorite amp with ease!
  • The amp is remarkably compact, especially considering the power and extra features it includes. The bassists we spoke to for this review praised this, because it meant that they could easily carry the amp to practice sessions. Ultimately, this means that you will not have to buy separate practice and gig amps, saving an awful lot of cash!
  • The amp also offers an auxiliary input, which is great for beginners. Plug in your phone, and play along with your favorite tracks, and you will be playing killer bass n no time!
  • This amp will last forever. It has become a favorite amongst even the most famous bass players because it can stand the worst punishment. If you are lucky enough to be flying all over the world to play gigs, it is nice to know that your amp will arrive in perfect working condition, with no broken valves, sounding just as good as it did on the day you bought it!

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  • In truth, none. If you are looking for a classic bass combo amp that will deliver great tone for years, no matter how badly you treat it, this is the one to get!


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So which to choose?

Well, it depends on whether you are looking for a practice amp, a guitar amp, or a bass amp. Depending on your requirements, however, any of the Orange amps we’ve reviewed above are among the best of their type.

In our opinion, though, if you are looking for the best all-around Orange amp for your electric guitar, we would recommend the Orange Crush CR60C – this amp strikes a nice balance between power, portability, and gorgeous sound quality, and makes an excellent addition to any guitarist’s setup.

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