Best Monoblock Amplifier (2022 Reviews Updated)

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Choosing a monoblock amplifier for your car can be a really daunting task. With so many options available, each with its own long list of technical specifications, knowing which amp will give you great sound can be difficult.

That’s where we come in!

We’ve read hundreds of reviews, talked to some real audiophiles, and spent hours listening to monoblock amps, all so we can tell you that if you are looking for a monoblock amplifier, the JL Audio Slash Series 1200 is the one to get. No other monoblock amp offers as much clean power as this one, which builds on the legendary reputation of the Slash Series. If you want an monoblock amplifier that will deliver huge sounds in even the most demanding climatic conditions, and incidentally also look great, then you’ve found it!

Editor's Pick - Top Pick

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Top Monoblock Amplifiers for the Money

JL Audio Slash Series 120023 x 12 x 12 inches18.9 poundsD1200 W
Audison VOCE UNO Monoblock 170021.7 x 11.2 x 4.7 inches15.9 pounds D1700 W
Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200 W9.3 x 13.8 x 4 in7.1 poundsD1200 W
Hifonics ZRX2416.1D Zeus17.3 x 10 x 2.4 inches10.7 poundsD2400 W

What is a Monoblock Amp?

A good amp is the heart of any vehicle’s audio set up. The serious audiophiles we talked to for this review, in fact, said that the best way to design an audio system for your car was to buy an amp first, and then design your speaker system around it.

Getting a monoblock amp signals your first departure into serious audiophile territory. Essentially, these amps take a single channel input, amplify it, and use it to drive one speaker. This means that you are going to need a separate monoblock amp for each channel you plan to use – for even a stereo system, you are going to need 2.

Whilst this may seem to take the concept of “separates” too far, there are several big advantages of monoblock amps. Cross-talk between channels is completely eliminated, for one. Each amp, and therefore each channel, also has it’s own power supply, meaning that noise is greatly reduced. Last but definitely not least, having one amp per speaker means you can mount the amp right next to the speaker, reducing the length of your speaker cables, and this is a really good thing.

Ultimately, all this results in improved sound quality.

All the monoblock amplifiers we are reviewing today are serious devices, able to pump out huge power, and come highly recommended for serious audiophiles.


What kind of monoblock amp you need, and the features you want it to have, depend on how you’re going to use it. An amp for your camper van is quite a different beast to one for your compact!

Some of the things to look for in a monoblock amp stay the same, though:

Power. A lot of people talk a lot about power, as though it was a measure of how good an amp is. This is not true. An amp with 1000 W RMS will easily power most audio set ups, and still go incredibly loud, so always look for sound quality in addition.
The class of the amplifier. All the amps we are reviewing today are Class D, because this is the most efficient amplifier class, and with the power these amps produce having a Class A setup is simply not possible. Some will complain that Class A amps sound better, but in the end, there is no replacement for simply hearing these amplifiers in the flesh, and choosing the one that sounds best to you.
Inputs and outputs. It might sound obvious, but make sure the amp you are looking at has the correct type of inputs, and enough of them, to accommodate all the gear you want to plug in!
Ultimately, there is no substitute for hearing these amps yourself. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to how they want their amp to sound. But you could do worse than checking out these ones:

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1. Editor’s Pick: JL Audio Slash Series V3 1200 W

JL Audio Slash Series 12001v3 Mono Subwoofer Car Amplifier

Wow. This amp has its origins in one of JL’s most legendary amplifiers, and this amp builds on the technology that has made JL’s name synonymous with quality automotive audio.

Whilst this is not the most powerful amp we are reviewing today, it more than makes up for this with sound quality. In truth, most people will be hard pushed to make use of the 1200 W delivered here in any case, meaning that getting a 1600 W monster of an monoblock amp is somewhat pointless.

That said, this amp is 20% more powerful than the previous editions in the Slash Series, and delivers huge volume when paired with the correct speakers. The circuitry that forms the heart of this amp is patented, and is built using the latest high quality materials and high tech manufacturing methods, meaning that it will go on delivering great sound for years to come.

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In addition, of course, this Pioneer amp comes with a variety of other advantages:

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  • The serious audiophiles we spoke to for this review praised this amp as the best way to start a serious car audio system. It is not the cheapest available, but what you get for your money is quite incredible – the power offered by this amp means that even if you decide to upgrade your speakers, or add a subwoofer, at a later date, you will not have to change your amp!
  • All of the Slaah Series v3 models feature JL Audio’s patented RIPS (Regulated Intelligent Power Supply) technology. This is a marvel of technology, being able to adjust to various input voltages and output impedances, and always maintaining the correct driving current. If you are a fan of obscure speakers, and need an amp that will adjust to them, this is the one to get!
  • The thermal protection on this amp is, as you would expect, second to none. Even if you live in the desert, and plan to take a long, hot roadtrip this summer, the amp will keep going for hours without overheating. This means that your music will keep playing even in the most demanding conditions, and also that you do not have to worry about frying your amp if you push the volume up!
  • Serious audiophiles will claim not to care, but this amp looks great! Mount it somewhere prominent in your vehicle, so that you can easily show off to your friends!

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  • In truth, none. If you are looking for a powerful amp that is small enough to fit in even the tiniest vehicle, this is the one to get. Highly recommended for those who are starting a serious vehicle audio set up!


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2. Audison VOCE UNO Monoblock 1700 W

Audison VOCE UNO Monoblock 1700 W Review

This is simply a great monoblock amp, and represents amazing value.

Audison monoblock amps have been hard to get hold of for a few years, but we are pleased to see that this is changing, and hope that many more people will discover the value afforded by their great range of amps.

This amplifier represents an amazing combination of power, sound quality, compact design, and great looks. Whilst this is not the cheapest monoblock amplifier available, with this kind of high-end audio tech you really get what you pay for, and so this amp still represents great value.

Audison pride themselves on building high-end amplifers, and this one is no expception. It incorporates many features that have previously been the sole territory of professional, ruinously expensive, amplifiers into a unit which is just about within the reach of amateur enthusiasts.

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In addition, this amp has these great features:

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  • It looks great. Whilst we know that the majority of audiophiles claim to care only about sound quality, and not such unimportant things as the way an amp looks, in reality it is possible to have both a good-looking and high-quality amp – just look at this one!
  • The ability of this amp to combine both analog and digital technologies also sets it apart from the competition. As your audio system develops, you will necessarily change speakers or input heads as new technologies become available, and it is nice to know that whatever direction your passion takes you in, your monoblock amp will be able to cope!
  • At 1700 W, this amp has more than enough power for anyone. A pair of these amps powering a stereo system develop an enormous amount of volume, and the sound quality will stay super-crisp right up to the limit. Crank it up, and enjoy!
  • The adaptability of the amp is great. It will drive a vast variety of different set ups, and can be bridged to power a sub woofer, meaning that if you are on the lookout for a new amp to power your already-existing system, this could be a good bet!

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  • None, for the price. This amp offers the sound quality and power of many larger and more expensive amps, and is an excellent investment.


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3. Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200 W

Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200 W review

Rockford Fosgate have built an enviable reputation over the past few years, offering great value amps that incorporate all the latest design features at prices that are accessible for the amateur enthusiast.

The people we talked to for this review praised the no-nonsense design of this amp. It seems that Rockford really understand what most people want from a monoblock amp, and have managed to achieve an amazing compromise between price, sound quality, and build quality.

Put simply, this amp sounds great. It will deliver top-notch sound right up to the limit of its volume. It is nice to know that you can really crank up your system, and that your amp will keep on delivering crystal clear tones, with barely a hint of distortion or noise.

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In addition, this amp comes with some great features:

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  • The bass on this amp is quite simply amazing. Even at the loudest volumes, the bass response stays clear and warm, meaning that you can really push this amp and still be assured that your audio will not clip or distort.
  • The thermal controls on this amp are the best among the monoblock amps we tested for this review. The Prime series amps all include DTM technology, which stands for Dynamic Thermal Management. This system distributes forced air throughout the amp, leading to better cooling. In addition,
  • A technology named MEHSA further improves cooling performance. If you live in the desert, and are looking for an amp that will deal easily with extremely high temperatures, then this is the one to get!
  • All this thermal protection has another advantage, of course – that even when running at high power for extended periods, you can be sure that the amp will not loose sound quality. There is nothing worse than an amp starting to clip and distort just as the party gets going, and with this one that worry is a thing of the past!

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  • Very few. The only disadvantage that we can see is that with the bass this amp is able to produce, your friends will develop some quite serious jealousy issues!


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4. Hifonics ZRX2416.1D Zeus

Hifonics ZRX2416.1D Zeus Review

This is a monster of an amp. With 2400 W of power, it develops nothing short of awesome volume when paired with speakers rugged enough to take all that power!

If you are looking for a powerful monoblock amp, this is the one to get. If you are into serious volume, or have an enormous sub that needs a huge amount of power, this is the monoblock amp for you.

In fact, the people we talked to for this review mentioned that this range of monoblock amps had been the favorite of serious competitors in car audio shows for some years now. They are able to keep developing huge output wattages for hours without complaining, making them extremely well suited to shows.

All that power also means that this amp never feels as if it is struggling, even at high volumes. It stays cool to the touch when lesser amps would be on the verge of overheating, and the extra wattage offered by this amp increases speaker cone control across volume levels.

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In addition, this amp has several big advantages:

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  • The military grade circuit boards on this amp are amazing. Incredibly rugged, they will put up with even the most demanding conditions, and we are sure that this amp will deliver many years of reliable service.
  • The Hifonics Sruface Mount Design (HSMD) means that this is one of the most adaptable amps, in terms of installation, we have seen. If you have an unusual vehicle, and need to mount amps in somewhat unusual places, this is a great feature.
  • The thermal protection offered by this amp is as good as it gets. As we said, it takes a lot to push this amp, which stays cool to the touch during normal operation, but when pushed it safely controls output levels to avoid being fried!
  • Last but definitely not least, the sound quality on this amp is great. With all that extra power, you never have to worry about pushing this amp, and even if you are running a huge setup it will power anything you decide to connect without breaking a sweat!

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size="one-half" position="last"][wpsm_cons title="CONS:"]

  • Very few. This is one of the more expensive units we reviewed, but we also think it is on of the best. For just a little more than the other amps listed here, you get enormous power and great sound quality.


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So which to choose?

Well, your choice of monoblock amp is yours alone, of course. Nothing can beat hearing these amps in the flesh, and finding one that perfectly matches the sound you want to achieve. All of the amps we reviewed today offer incredible sound that we are confident will please even the most discerning audiophile.

Our overall choice, though, is the JL Audio Slash Series 1200. No other monoblock amp offers as much clean power as this one, which builds on the legendary reputation of the Slash Series. If you want an monoblock amplifier that will deliver huge sounds in even the most demanding climatic conditions, and incidentally also look great, then you’ve found it!

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