The runt of all of our reviews, but make no mistake, despite it being only 15 watts strong, the Vox AC15C1X friggin’ rocks!

If you love the classic chime and complex grind of those famous British Invasion amp tones, then you’ll be in tube amp heaven when you plug into Vox’s AC15C1X combo amp. You’ll be amazed at the big, responsive tones you get from this outstanding 15 watt, 1 x 12″ combo, and then definitely keep coming back for more. Vox has equipped the AC15C1X with a normal channel, a top boost channel, master volume, tremolo, and reverb. You can also add an extension speaker for even bigger tones!

Plug into the AC15’s normal channel and use the volume, master volume, and tone cut controls to shape your tone. Or, take advantage of Vox’s venerable top boost channel, which adds adjustable bass and treble controls. You can literally take the AC15 from brilliant and sparkling clean, to the kind of powerful, compressed overdrive you just won’t find anywhere else! Users note that in addition to playing British tones, this speaker is also ideal for practicing rock and blues riffs.

Vox loaded the AC15 Custom with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, and equipped the power plant with a pair of EL84 power tubes. This arrangement gives you great sustainability, amazing response, and distinctive, compressed overdrive when you crank it up. The AC15 Custom’s beautiful signal is pumped into a premium Celestion Alnico Blue speaker – the perfect complement to a fine amp!

  • The circuitry in this amp, whilst based on classic designs, is really innovative. It offers two channels of amplification, and each channel is equipped with its own volume control, and the latter channel offers bass treble controls.
  • Great for those just starting to learn to play electric guitar and how to set up an amp. The effect options are just complicated enough to provide a huge range of effects without confusing the amateur.
  • The Vox tremolo sound is iconic, and no Vox amp would be complete without it. Even when paired with this small amp, it sounds incredible. You’re blessed with the warm, bright tones you would expect from any Vox amp.

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