What Marshall Amp Does Slash Use?

Slash is an iconic figure in the world of rock music, known for his guitar playing and unmistakable style. Like a conductor with his orchestra, Slash uses Marshall amps to drive his signature sound—a perfect blend of thunderous power and soaring melody. In this article, we will explore what kind of Marshall amp Slash has used throughout his career. We’ll take a look at why he chooses them and how they shape his unique sound.

The stage lights dim as thousands of fans eagerly await the entrance of their idol. Suddenly, Slash strides onto centerstage with confidence and charisma, immediately unlocking the crowd into a frenzy. He takes one step closer to the microphone…and then another towards his trusty Marshall amp stack. His fingers move gracefully across the fretboard as if it was an extension of himself, amplifying every note through its powerful speaker cabinet until it echoes around the arena like rolling thunder.

From Guns N' Roses to Velvet Revolver, from solo records to guest appearances on other artists’ tracks – wherever you find Slash, you can be sure that there’s a Marshall amp nearby providing him with sonic excellence night after night. But which particular model does he prefer? This article unveils all the secrets behind slash's choice of amplification!

1. Slash’S Signature Marshall Amps

Slash is known for his signature Marshall amps. His sound has been shaped by these iconic pieces of equipment. From the JCM 800 to the AFD100, Slash's tones have become a staple in rock and roll music.

The most famous of his Marshall amplifiers is the Slash Signature Les Paul Appetite for Destruction Limited Edition AFD100 head. This amp was designed to capture that classic rock tone with just enough distortion and mid-range attack to make it sing like no other guitar amplifier can. It also features authentic Slash artwork on the front panel, making it as much a piece of art as an amazing amp. With this particular model, Slash has crafted what many consider one of the best sounding electric guitar rigs ever created.

2. Slash’S Preferred Model Of Marshall Amp

Slash has been a long-time Marshall amp user, and his signature models have become an iconic part of the rock 'n' roll sound. But which model does Slash prefer? Let's take a closer look at Slash's preferred Marshall amp.

To begin, consider the case of Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin, who used to jam with Slash when they were in high school together. When it came time for Stradlin to record his first solo album in 2006, he chose none other than the Marshall JCM 800 2203 as his main amplifier – the same one that had helped him nail those solos during their teenage years.

This is just one example of how many guitarists turn to the classic JCM 800 2203 as their go-to model:
• Versatility: The four input channels give you plenty of tonal options to choose from–from clean sounds all the way up to full distortion.
• Power: With 100 watts of power, this vintage amp can hold its own against even modern amps.
• Reliability: This legendary design has stood the test of time since 1981 and continues to be popular today.

It should come as no surprise then that Slash was also drawn to this versatile and powerful amplifier; it appears on almost every recording by Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver. From “Sweet Child O’ Mine” to “Slither," you'll find the unmistakable roar of Marshall’s JCM 800 2203 driving each song forward through Slash’s signature licks and leads.

Clearly, there's something special about this vintage amp that keeps musicians coming back again and again – including one of rocks biggest stars, Slash himself! It seems like wherever you hear a riff or lead line driven by huge tone, chances are pretty good it’s coming from a Marshall JCM 800 2203 – Slash's preferred choice for getting that classic rock 'n' roll sound!

3. Slash’S Most Used Marshall Amp

Slash's choice of a Marshall amp is iconic. He has favored the model for decades, and it has become an integral part of his sound. But which one does he use most often?

The answer lies in Slash's signature model--the Marshall AFD100 Amplifier Head. This classic amp was made specially for him by Marshall, tailored to meet Slash's exact specifications. It features two channels with three-band EQs on each channel as well as footswitchable gain controls and master volume control. The result is a powerful yet versatile setup that helps create the unique crunchy tone we associate with Slash's music.

4. Slash’S Choice Of Modifications For His Marshall Amp

Slash is renowned for his incredible guitar tone, and the key to this sound lies in the modifications he makes to his beloved Marshall amp. Fascinatingly, one survey found that 74% of respondents named Slash as their favorite guitarist.

Slash's choice of modifications includes a TS808 Tubescreamer overdrive pedal, a Crybaby wah-wah pedal, a noise suppressor, an MXR EQ 10 band graphic equalizer and a Boss DD-3 digital delay. He also uses two amps at once during live performances: one with no effects and the other with all his pedals engaged - allowing him to cut between them for different sounds. This setup gives him complete control over how much gain or distortion he can use depending on what kind of music he’s playing.

He has also been known to place speakers around the stage so that they are facing away from him while recording – creating an ambient echo effect which adds texture to his sound. As such, it's clear why Slash is able to get such great tones out of his rig; by carefully considering each component and making strategic changes throughout the years, he has crafted an entirely unique setup capable of producing some truly exquisite guitar tones!

5. Where To Buy Slash’S Marshall Amp Model

Let's take a trip back in time to when Slash was rocking out on stage with his iconic Marshall amp. His choice of modifications have become legendary and now you too can purchase the exact same model he uses! But where do you find it? Let me tell ya.

Slash's signature Marshall JCM25/50 is available for sale today at various retailers both online and offline, including Amazon, eBay, Sweetwater Music and many more. It comes fully loaded with the classic features that made it famous: two channels (clean and overdrive) plus reverb, master volume control and four-band EQs. Its vintage design has been faithfully replicated from the original version used by Slash himself. With its all-valve construction providing unmatched sound quality that will make your performances stand out from the rest - this amp really does deliver everything a guitarist could want!

So if you're looking for an amp that packs a punch like no other, then look no further than Slash's signature Marshall JCM25/50. Get yours today and start creating some epic riffs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Slash's Signature Marshall Amp Cost?

Slash is renowned for his iconic guitar playing style, and a large part of that sound comes from the Marshall amplifier he uses. His signature model – the Slash AFD100 – has become legendary since its release in 2011. But how much does it cost?

The price of this coveted amp varies depending on where you buy it; however, typically it costs around $3,000. Here are some key points to consider:
1) It's an all-valve 100 watt head with two channels and four inputs.
2) The amp offers three distinct sounds (clean, rhythm and lead).
3) The tone is classic British rock 'n' roll at its finest!

The appeal of this limited edition amp lies in its ability to capture the exact sound Slash used throughout his career as a member of Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and now as a solo artist. Although expensive, those seeking authentic tones will find the quality more than justifies the cost.

Are There Any Other Amps Slash Has Used In The Past?

Slash is known for his famous Marshall amp. But he's also experimented with other amps in the past.
The iconic rocker has been seen using vintage Fender and Orange amplifiers, as well as recent Vox and Mesa Boogie models. He’s even tried out some lesser-known brands like Budda and Weiderman Audio. Each of these amps brought its own unique sound to Slash's playing style, allowing him to create an array of tones that were all distinct from one another.

This experimentation shows how versatile a guitarist Slash is—he isn't afraid to try something new or push the boundaries of what sounds best for his music. No matter which amplifier he chooses, it always seems to capture the essence of what makes Slash so great: raw emotion and energy mixed with technical precision and skill. Whether it’s his signature Marshall amp or any other model, you can be sure that when Nolan "Slash" Hudson plays guitar there will be no mistaking who it belongs to!

What Other Guitar Effects Does Slash Use?

Slash is a legendary guitarist, renowned for his iconic sound. Throughout the years he has used many guitar effects in order to create the perfect tone. Let's take a look at what other tools Slash uses to craft his timeless riffs and solos.

From delay pedals to overdrive boxes, Slash has tried it all. He often combines multiple effects together for an even more powerful sound - something that really sets him apart from other musicians of our generation. A staple of his rig is the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay pedal, which helps him achieve those signature sweeping solos. Additionally, he frequently uses picks with different levels of thickness so as to have variations in attack when playing power chords and single note lines alike. In addition to this, he also uses a classic Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive pedal for some added distortion and sustain on leads. Finally, one interesting piece of gear that hasn't changed much since the '80s is his trusty Marshall JCM 800 amp - it provides just enough crunch and bite while still keeping things clean-sounding overall.

With these pieces of equipment in hand (or should we say foot!), Slash is able to shape any song into something memorable and unique - truly embodying rock n' roll culture with every riff or solo he plays!

What Is The Wattage Of Slash's Marshall Amp?

Slash's Marshall Amp is the stuff of legend. It has powered some of the most famous rock riffs in history, and continues to do so today. With a wattage that could light up a small town, this amp truly is an awe-inspiring powerhouse!

When it comes to power, Slash's Marshall Amp obliterates all competition. Boasting a massive 75W output, no other amp can match its sheer force and intensity. So when you plug into one of these bad boys, be prepared to unleash sonic fury like never before - your neighbours won't know what hit 'em!

No matter what style or genre of music you play, if you want to make sure your sound stands out from the rest then look no further than Slash's Marshall Amp. Its unparalleled wattage ensures you'll always have plenty of headroom for whatever level of distortion or sustain you desire - plus its classic design looks great onstage too!

What Type Of Music Does Slash Typically Use His Marshall Amp For?

Slash is a well-known musician who typically uses his Marshall amp for playing rock music. This powerful amplifier produces the classic crunchy sound that Slash has become known for, and it's been featured in many of his hit songs.

Using this Marshall amp, Slash creates unique sounds which blend distorted guitar with blues riffs. He also adds other effects to create a distinct tone which makes him stand out from other guitarists. His use of the amp gives listeners an intense experience as they listen to his work, whether he’s performing live or recording in the studio.
It's clear why Slash relies on his Marshall amp when creating new music and performing live shows - it offers great power and versatility, allowing him to craft devastatingly heavy tones and captivating melodies alike.


Slash's use of the Marshall amp has been an integral part of his sound since he first started playing. His signature Marshall amp not only represents a trademark tone but also stands as a symbol for breaking boundaries and pushing musical limits. It is this combination of technical skill, artistic intensity, and sheer determination that have made Slash one of the most iconic guitar heroes in rock history.

The coincidental factor lies in the impact Slash’s use of the Marshall amp has had on other musicians over time. By using it to create such unique sounds, Slash has inspired generations of players to reach beyond their own abilities and strive for excellence. He has shown us all that anything can be achieved with enough dedication and hard work; no dream is too big or unreachable if you put your mind to it.

Through his numerous collaborations, albums, tours and solos, Slash has proven himself as an invaluable asset to modern music culture—all thanks to his trusty Marshall amp! Though many things have changed over the years, one thing stays constant: when Slash takes center stage behind the microphone, we know we're going to hear something truly special come out from behind those speakers – all thanks to that classic Marshall crunch!

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