Best Amp Wiring Kit (2022 Reviews Updated)

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After reading hundreds of reviews, and talking to some seriously techy enthusiasts, our recommendation is the NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge Car Amp Install Kit. Put simply, this kit comes with everything you could possibly need from a kit like this, and the fact that the provided wires are 100% copper and oxygen-free means that it delivers great sound quality. Everything from the spade connectors to the wire shielding is hardy, and we are confident that this kit will provide many years of reliable service. If you are looking for the best amp wiring kit that is flexible enough to deal with even the most complicated stereo set up, you’ve just found it.

These days, vehicles are being manufactured with a great range of sound capabilities, but it can be difficult to get the most out of these sound systems.

Purchasing a car amp is the best way to increase the quality and volume of sound in your vehicle. Of course, you’ll have to basic amp wiringinstall the amp—which is where amp wiring kits fit in.

Amp wiring kits allow you to safely and efficiently hook an amplifier to your vehicle’s stereo system, producing an enhanced sound and tonal quality. For those who are planning on installing an amplifier themselves, looking at the best amp wiring kits is often a great place to start.

Our review will not only cover the best amp wiring kits available on the market, but it will also discuss important considerations to take when purchasing an amp wiring kit.

Buying Guide for Amp Wiring Kits

Before looking at the top amp wiring kits, you’ll need to determine which type of wiring kit you need. There are two different types of amp wiring kits to choose from: a complete wiring kit and a power kit.

Complete Amp Wiring Kit

This kit will come with virtually everything you will need to connect an amplifier to your vehicle properly. This includes:

  • Speaker wire
  • Power & ground wire
  • RCA cables
  • Fuse holders
  • Grommets
  • Terminals

Power Kit

The biggest difference between a complete amp wiring kit and a power kit is that the power kit will not include speaker wire or RCA cables. The benefit to a power kit is that many include extra bits of hardware, which may include:

  • Grommets
  • Connectors
  • Wing terminals
  • Cable ties

When it comes to choosing between a complete amp wiring kit and a power kit, the best option is usually to go for the complete kit. While having a power kit can certainly prove useful, having a full array of options will enable you to complete each step of the wiring process successfully.

Additionally, the extra hardware that comes with a power kit can easily be purchased at a local hardware store, and at a much lower price.

Wire Sizing

It is imperative that the amp wiring kit that you purchase has the correct wire size to match the amplifier. Each amp wiring kit comes with different wire dimensions, meaning that there is no “one size fits all” solution for amplifiers and wiring kits.

Whether the amp is purchased first or the wiring kit is purchased first, both the cable and wire sizes need to match to  real life example of amplifier wiring basics and instructionseffectively install the amp into your vehicle.  

This is important because the cables and wires in the amp wiring kit determine the amount of power that is sent to the amp. If the amplifier receives more power than what it is designed for, this could cause sound issues and even damage the amp itself.

If all these seems too complex, please check out:

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The most common wire sizes for car amplifiers are 1/0-gauge, 4-gauge, and 8-gauge. For quick reference, here is a list of wire gauges and the wattage that each is best suited for:

Amp Wiring Sizes

  • 1/0 AWG— 1,000+ watts
  • 4 AWG— 400-1,000 watts
  • 8 AWG— 200-400 watts
  • 10 AWG— 100-200 watts

Before purchasing an amp wiring kit, make sure that you look at the manufacturer specifications for your amplifier to ensure that you are getting the proper wire size to accommodate the wattage of the amp. Not only will this result in the best performance, but it will also preserve the quality of the amp.

Sound System Complexity

As sound systems increase in complexity, they will also increase in amplifier needs. This often means installing more than one amp at a time. One of the most efficient ways to do this is through purchasing a dual amp wiring kit, which comes with distribution blocks and dual fuses for two amplifiers.

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Having a distribution block is crucial since it allows for more than one amplifier to run from one power wire. Additional outputs will allow both amplifiers to be connected to the same wire.

If you’re planning on installing more than one amp, you’ll have to be aware of the sizes of the fuses and their holders. Without proper matching, they will create a power surge and potentially damage the sound system.

In these cases, the fuse rating of the amp wiring kit should also match the amplifier. If the fuse rating is slightly higher, that generally works well enough without damaging the system, but a perfect match will always be best.

For more than one amp, simply add the total amperages of all amplifiers and use that number to match the fuse rating.

For even more info check out, guide to setting up your car amp in less than 10 mins

The Best Amp Wiring Kit 2019

It can be difficult to determine which amp wiring kits are the highest-quality kits, which is where our review comes in. Through diligent research, we have created a list of the amp wiring kits that come with the best performance, reliability, and positive customer reviews.

1. NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge Car Amp Install Kit

Key Features: basic amplifier wiring install kit

  • 100% copper wiring
  • Suitable for up to 1,000 watts
  • Nickel-plated spade connectors
  • Envyflex insulation

As a complete installation kit, this amp wiring kit comes with absolutely everything you will need to connect an amplifier to your stereo system. The wire itself is 100% copper and oxygen-free, producing better sound quality and long-lasting efficiency.

The spade connectors are nickel-plated, which increases overall durability and promotes a good signal transfer. As an additional benefit, the wire is also shielded, meaning that it can withstand vibrations and fluctuations in temperature.

Perhaps the best feature of this amp wiring kit is that NVX products come with Envyflex insulation. This insulation shields against serious problems like corrosion, electrocution, or damage to your vehicle.

Included in the kit are distribution blocks and a fuse holder, both made from satin chrome-plated brass. This enables these hardware components to be equally shielded against corrosion, heat, and vibrations. With high-quality materials and a 100% customer approval rating, the NVX car amp install kit should be your first consideration.

2. Boss Audio Kit2 8-Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit

Key Features: how to do basic boss audio amp wiring

  • High-performance RCA interconnect & speaker wire
  • Includes 3 rubber grommets
  • Includes twenty 4-inch wire ties
  • Total of 30 feet of speaker wire

The Boss Audio Kit2 amp wiring kit comes with a wide array of extras to hook up multiple amplifiers. It features a whopping total of 30 feet of speaker wire, making it easy to connect an amp from anywhere in your vehicle.

The power cables are split between three different colors: 20 feet of 8-gauge red power cable, 18 feet of 8-gauge blue turn-on wiring, and 3 feet of 8-gauge black ground cable.

For hooking up multiple amplifiers, the Boss Audio Kit2 also includes 6 feet of split loom tubing, three rubber grommets, and twenty 4-inch wire ties.

An important feature of this amp wiring kit is that all wires are heavily insulated. Not only does this protect from corrosion, but it also ensures that the wires will last as long as possible. If the wires happen to encounter friction due to placement, the thicker jackets on the wires ensure that they will not wear away.

SoundBox Connected 4-Gauge Amp Kit

Key Features: wire kit for soundbox system

  • 80-amp AGU fuse
  • Heat-tested & water-resistant fuse holder
  • Includes connecting terminals & wire ties
  • Includes Remote Turn-On wire

The SoundBox Connected 4-gauge amp wiring kit is an incredibly popular choice due to its affordability and the wide range of hardware included in the kit. It comes with all the necessary accessories to successfully install 2-channel amplifiers and subwoofers into your vehicle.

With a maximum handling power of 2,200 watts, this kit is a great way to connect and support your sound system.

For such an affordable price, it’s surprising that this kit comes with a wealth of wiring. This includes 17 feet of 4-gauge CCA red power wire, 3 feet of 4-gauge black grounding wire, 17 feet of RCA interconnect cable, 17 feet of 18-gauge speaker wire, 17 feet of 18-gauge remote turn-on wire, and 4-gauge black wire loom.

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This amp wiring kit also includes an 80-amp AGU fuse and a fuse holder that has been tested for heat resistance and water resistance. Overall, this kit comes with a ton of valuable hardware at a low price, which is certainly hard to beat when it comes to an amp wiring kit.

3. KnuKonceptz KCA Complete 4-Gauge Amp Installation Kit

Key Features: install kit forKnuKonceptz KCA Complete 4-Gauge

  • One inline fuse holder with 80A fuse
  • Oxygen-free copper wiring
  • Includes 20 feet of 14-gauge CCA speaker wire
  • Rugged PVC outer jacket

The KnuKonceptz KCA amp wiring kit is a solid choice for those who want an all-in-one, complete installation kit. What sets this kit apart from the competition is the KCA wiring or Kolossus Copper Aluminum (1).

This is the next wave of the industry-standard Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wiring, utilizing copper and aluminum in more advanced ways to transfer current from your car battery into the amplifier.

All the cabling included in this kit comes with a rugged PVC shell, increasing flexibility and long-term durability. The PVC is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 105°C.

To connect multiple amplifiers, KnuKonceptz suggests adding the fuses on each amp together. If the total is less than 80A, this kit is a good fit. If the total is over 80A, users will need to look for a kit with larger wire, as discussed earlier in the Buying Guide portion.

4. Lightning Audio by Rockford Fosgate 4-Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit

Key Features: picture of Lightning Audio by Rockford Fosgate 4-Gauge Amplifier

  • Includes ANL fuse holder
  • 100-amp fuse
  • 17 feet of twisted RCA cable
  • 6 feet of split loom

If you don’t need all the excessive wire lengths that other amp wiring kits have, the Lightning Audio amp wiring kit might be a more sensible option. This kit comes with all the basics for hooking up an amplifier and even has a higher fuse rating.

With an ANL fuse holder and a 100-amp fuse, this amplifier installation kit is a good choice for those who are struggling to find higher fuse ratings.

In entirety, this kit comes with 20 feet of 4-gauge power wire, 3 feet of 4-gauge grounding wire, 17 feet of twisted RCA cable, and 6 feet of split loom. It’s more than enough wiring to successfully attach an amplifier, but not so much so that you feel as though you’ve wasted money on wiring you don’t need.

One quality to note is that, because the wires are made of aluminum and not copper, there may be some crackling noises during installation. Despite a bit of noise during the set-up process, this amp wiring kit is gaining tons of positive customer reviews for offering high value at a fraction of the cost.

5. Editor’s Choice: NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge Car Amp Install Kit

After taking a close look at these top-rated amp wiring kits, our favorite is the NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge Car Amp Install Kit. While it does come at a higher price when compared to other top-rated wiring kits, the quality is unmistakable.

NVX is the only manufacturer on this list to provide wiring that is 100% copper. Most kits that use copper wiring are referring to a ratio of 90% aluminum and 10% copper, or CCA. The benefit to using 100% copper instead is that these wires offer much better performance and greater resistance to corrosion.

Combined with durable Envyflex insulation, the components of this amp wiring kit are made to provide the best possible performance for years and years after installation.

While it may seem frustrating to pay more up-front for an amp wiring kit, the benefits of increased performance and long-lasting durability will make it well worth your while.

Our Final Thoughts for Great Amp Wiring Kits for the Money

Navigating through an ever-widening pool of amp wiring kits can certainly be overwhelming, which is where our review comes into play.

Looking at each component of these top-rated wiring kits is a great way to ensure that you are getting the best performance and the highest quality. After all, an amp wiring kit is just as important as the amplifier itself!

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