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YAQIN Hi-Fi Integrated Push/Pull Stereo Tube Amplifier (MC-10T)

Occupying the second spot on our review list, yup, YANQUIN amplifier. They known for producing quality amps at a fair price, and the MC-10T yet is another example of why they are one of the leaders in the world of stereo tube amps. The MC-10T amp not only produces high quality sound, but looks good while doing it.

Besides featuring push-pull operation, this product features the use of four EL34B tubes, resulting in a brighter warmer sound than your standard EL34 tube. You can also expect a wider response range from this product. This is thanks to its use of the SRPP preamp circuit, which helps boosts signals so that the tubes can further amplify them. Another great amp from YANQIN at a fair price.

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